We continue to believe in peace and dialogue

Bogotá, August 30, 2019 – As Christians of distinct churches and eclesial organizations, witnesses of peace and the new dynamics of war in various regions, we call on people today to value the historical moment we are living and to take the opportunity to reject the crossroads of death and instead, choose to protect life.

Only in this manner can we hope to overcome the negative effects of the failures to comply with the accords, which have provoked new and worse expressions of violence.

Our presence in various places in the country allows us to confirm that citizens are committed to peace.

Amidst the severe effects of the failure to comply with the Final Accord, such as the attacks on the Comprehensive System of Truth, Justice, Reparation and Non-Repetition on behalf of the executive and legislative government, the breakdown in peace talks with the ELN, the persistence of paramilitary and criminal group actions in the regions and now the lamentable return to arms to create a new guerilla, we reaffirm our efforts to build and bet on peace, a sentiment shared by many Colombians and the international community.

We call on society to pressure the national government to continue with dialogues to resolve the armed conflict that persists. We ask that accords with the FARC be implemented, that negotiations with the ELN continue and that peaceful means be used to end paramilitary and neo-paramilitary structures.

Life is an action created by God and the peace is the fruit of justice. Life and peace are gifts of God to humanity. As such, nothing justifies the use of arms, and nothing justifies making an attempt on someone’s life or peace. We value and support the more than 10,000 ex-combatants that disarmed and returned to civilian life. We demand respect for the social and environmental leadership in the country and invite everyone to persevere in the construction of a plentiful peace.

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